Tape recorder

I heard this story from a friend.

A man went out mountain climbing, but then went missing. Three years later, his remains were discovered in wetlands and they recovered his lost effects, but amongst those, they found a tape recorder. They heard the man screaming for help in the recording. It appeared he injured himself and was unable to move.

They announced the discovery of the tape to the mass media, but there was a part the police and surviving family members kept back. The man’s voice was exceedingly frightened. It appeared that something was happening at night.

The man dictated the events to his tape recorder.

The first night:

“I can hear voices when it gets dark… They’re calling me… But there’s no-one out there… There’s no-one out there…”

The second night:

“Help me… I can hear a voice. When it gets dark, he comes… Calling me from the darkness… The voice is getting closer… I’m scared… Please, help me… I’m scared… So scared… Someone, help me…”

The third night:

“It’s close… Help me… Someone is… I’m scared… It’s so close now… Please, help me… It’s right outside… Please… Please… It’s calling… He’s… close… I’m scared… Help… It’s right… Help… The voice… Please…”

The tape cut off. There was nothing recorded after that night. The police analysed it closely. All they could hear was the man’s voice. There were no other suspicious sounds recorded.

But, on the third day, where the tape cut off, they discovered a different sound. The officer analysing the tape was unable to understand it either. It was another voice, different to the man pleading for help. The voice was right next to the recorder. It whispered clearly, as though talking into someone’s ear.



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