The hole

A family was enjoying a walk through the mountains. The young son was full of curiosity, so he ran off ahead. But he ran too far and found himself lost, and it was starting to get dark.

The boy started to panic, but his bad luck was about to get worse. He fell down a large hole. It was considerably deep, and he was unable to climb out by himself. He called out for help, but there was no way anyone would be that deep in the mountains. He prepared himself for death.

How many hours had passed? He heard the sound of crunching leaves above. He called out as loudly as he could. A man looked over the edge of the whole. He stared at the boy in silence, and then finally helped him out. He dropped him off at the foot of the mountain.

Until he became a man himself, the young boy clearly remembered the man’s face. But then, as he grew older, it started to fade from his memory. When he was around 40, he decided to climb that same mountain again.

He was walking down a mountain path when he suddenly noticed a large hole in front of him.

‘What’s this?’ he thought and looked over the edge…


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