I heard this from a classmate. He was the head of the wind instrument club in high school. The wind instrument club borrowed the old school building for practice after school, spreading themselves out through each of the rooms. When it was home time, the club head would walk around the building to make sure all the doors were closed.

On this day, he walked around to check them as usual. Everyone had already returned to the main club room (a prefab building outside), and he couldn’t sense anyone left.

He walked around the third floor, then the second floor, and finally the first floor. There were only two rooms on the first floor.

He stopped.

The door to the classroom on his right was open. There was something round and black sitting on the floor before it.

The school was already dark. The only light was that from the main clubroom outside. He looked closer, and it looked like a human head. It appeared to be a person lying on the floor, but only their head was sticking outside the open door.

He thought it was one of the club members, so he yelled out. “Hey, hurry up and go back to the main clubroom!” But something was wrong.

The size of the head was abnormally large. Like twice the size of a normal person. He thought it might be his imagination, so he approached it. About three metres away, he noticed it was facing away from him.

The club head had a strong ability to sense the supernatural, so he realised what was before him was dangerous. But it was already too late. He tried to run, but the thing turned to look at him first.

“We locked eyes,” he said. “I ran as fast as I could. I dunno what happened after that.”


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