There was a house in the countryside of Gunma Prefecture that was about to be knocked down. It was the former home of the Suzuki family.

An occult research society from a university in Tokyo decided to visit the house before it was knocked down. Two men and two women for a total of four members agreed to go.

When they got there, the house was on the verge of being destroyed. Things were scattered everywhere. They filmed the house as they walked around.

“Suzuki-san, we’re coming in now.”

“This is the kitchen, right?”

“Can I use the toilet?”

They joked around while filming, but one of the girls started to feel scared, so they agreed to leave.

“Thanks for letting us visit!”

They stopped filming and got in the car. On the way back, the other girl held something up.

“I found a ring. I thought we could put it in the clubroom as a souvenir of our trip.”

A few days later, the group was watching the video at one of the guy’s apartments.

“We’re coming in now!” “I was waiting for you!”

… The four looked at each other at the voice that shouldn’t be there.

“This is the kitchen, right?” “That’s right.”

“Can I use the toilet?” “Go ahead.”

“Thanks for letting us visit!” “Don’t go!!!”

The four fell silent. Then, all four of their phones rang at once. They panicked, but once they regained their composure, the four answered.

There was silence on the end of the guy’s phones. It was the same for the girl who wanted to return home. But the one who picked up the ring heard a voice.

“Um… this is Suzuki… I want my ring back…”


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