The half-transparent woman

A few years ago, my younger sister (she was in elementary school at the time) went on a camp to ‘connect with nature.’ Even so, the place was actually man-made, and only about 10 minutes from our house by car.

On the first night of her camp, my sister called home. I picked up the phone, thinking she was probably just homesick already.

“Something’s been watching me this whole time,” she said.

Myself, my mother and my sister all have a strong ability to sense the supernatural, so I knew she wasn’t lying.

I was busy that day so I couldn’t go to see her, but I promised I would head over with our mother the next day to check it out myself.

As night fell the next day, we went over to see her. I got goosebumps, despite the fact it was summer. It was the first time I felt so scared even though I hadn’t even seen anything yet.

We walked slowly up the mountain path, and then suddenly I felt like someone was watching us. I looked in that direction, and I saw a thin, pale, half transparent woman standing there. She was watching us.

I ran back to the car with my mother, but the engine wouldn’t start. I felt the woman approaching us. We were in a state of panic.

“Ah! She’s right there! She’s gonna get in!”

I readied myself and closed my eyes.

Petapeta… petapeta… petapeta…

I opened my eyes and saw the woman on the front of the car, leaving handprints on the windscreen glass. There was nothing we could do. We waited it out, and eventually the woman disappeared. Then the car finally started. We forgot all about my sister and rushed home.

After that, we went to visit a spirit medium we knew (we should have done that in the first place). Two days later, they found a skeleton where I first saw that woman. I don’t know if she just wanted her body found, or wanted to take me along with her, but I was scared.


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