Snowy mountain

I heard this story from a cameraman on the radio.

The cameraman went to a snowy mountain with a helper to film something for a magazine. A few days into the shoot, the helper injured himself. But they hadn’t captured everything they needed yet, so they couldn’t return. The helper continued with the work, but his injury got worse, and several days later he died.

But they still hadn’t finished the work, so the cameraman was unable to leave. He buried the helper beside the cabin they were sleeping in and continued taking photos by himself.

When he woke up the next morning, the cameraman found his helper’s dead body lying beside him.

“But I buried him…”

He buried the body again and went back to shooting. This went on for several days, and finding it terribly strange, on the last day the cameraman decided to set his camera up in a position to shoot himself while he was asleep.

The next morning, the body was lying next to him again. The cameraman descended the mountain.

When he got back to work, he developed the photos the camera took the night before. Then he saw what had really been going on. He saw himself get up, get out of the sleeping bag, leave the cabin, then return holding his helper’s dead body, put it down beside the sleeping bag, and then going back to sleep.


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