The hanging suicide

A man heard about a mountain path where ghosts were supposed to appear, so one day he went to take a look for himself. When he got there, he saw what looked like a person floating amongst the leaves.

‘No way, a ghost? For real?’ he thought. But as he got closer, he realised it wasn’t a ghost, but a man hanging from a tree branch. The man had committed suicide.

He thought leaving him there would be a little sad, so he approached the man to bring him down.


He heard a loud noise. Surprised, he realised it was just the man’s shoes falling to the ground.

But he had to get him down, so he reached his hand out towards the rope. But no matter where he stood, he wasn’t able to reach it very well. He moved around to the front of the body, but he just couldn’t reach it, no matter what he did.

Then he heard it again.


‘Huh?’ he thought. He looked down and saw there was nothing underneath the man’s body. When he looked at the body hanging from the tree, the man was still wearing both his shoes.

Creeped out, he went to leave the area, but as he was walking away, he realised something. He walked around the man several times trying to get him down, but for some reason, he was unable to picture his face. In fact, despite standing in front of the man several times, all he ever saw was his back…


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