This happened to my friend, A, about 10 years ago.

One night, A was lying in bed when suddenly he was overcome with sleep paralysis. He told his brother about it the next morning, and apparently he also had sleep paralysis around the same time. He also had a strange dream.

“Two fleeing samurai ran passed my room, and then a short distance behind them a princess followed. She was wearing these torn clothes and walking slowly.”

A’s mother, hearing their story, told them she had the same dream as well. The family wondered what on earth was going on. But that wasn’t the end of it. Not at all.

As New Year rolled around, the family decided to take a family photo. They closed the sliding doors, which were usually kept open, for a backdrop. Then they saw it. There was a stain on the doors, like water had been dripping on them for quite some time.

‘What the hell is that?’ A wondered. It was like it had been spoilt by constant rain. Then his mother screamed from behind him.

A took a few steps back, and then he could see the stain in its entirety. It looked exactly like a princess, wearing a twelve-layered ceremonial kimono. And it was looking right at them.


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