Commemoration photo

Four elementary school students went to the beach to play. First, they went to the public bath, but once they got tired of that they moved to an empty rock wall area to mess around.

They enjoyed themselves greatly and decided to take a photo together before they went home to remember the day. But they didn’t want to take any old photo; that would be boring. Instead, they decided they would dive under the water, and then on the count of three, jump back up into the air. That way it would be funny because their hair would be stuck to their face and such.

It was time to take the photo. The boys lined up in the water, and then dove under at the same time. On three they jumped and took the photo, but… For some reason, the boy in the middle didn’t surface.

“Hey, what are you doing?” his friends said. They thought he was playing a joke, so they started looking for him. But no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find him.

In the end, the sea rescue team was called in to find him, and the boy’s dead body was eventually found washed up on another coast. His family was of course sad, but then they remembered the photo. Perhaps they would be able to see their boy one final time. It was the last evidence remaining of him on earth.

The boy’s mother asked to see the photo, but the other boys didn’t want to show her. She pleaded with them. It was her only chance to see her boy one last time. She pleaded so fervently that they finally relented.

The two boys were in the air, on either side of him. But in between them, where her son should have been, was an old woman they had never seen before. She was pushing the boy’s head down underwater.


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