Spirit medium

A TV crew set up an interview with a family of three; a mother, son, and daughter. Just as planned, the mother and children spoke about the father with tears in their eyes.

They were getting some great stuff on film.

A-san was happy.

Then, it was time for the spirit medium’s appearance!

She started her seance.

The medium performed psychometry with the father’s clothes. She held the clothes tightly.

There was a long silence.

More silence.

… Even more silence.

The silence continued.

… This was no good. The spirit medium was usually annoyingly chatty, but for some reason, this time she was incoherent. Flustered.

A-san tried to drag a response out of her, but they were unable to capture anything on film.

… The staff fell silent. They wouldn’t be able to make a show out of this. A-san began to panic.

“We’re not going to be able to do anything with the footage of the back mountain or pond! Shit… Shit! We’re gonna have to start over!”

The staff were silent on the bus back. Only A-san showed any signs of agitation as he spoke to someone on the phone. The spirit medium then slowly approached him. When he hung up the phone, she whispered to him.

“He was murdered.”


“He was murdered. By his family.”

“By his family?”

“I couldn’t say anything in front of the people who killed him… He’s buried in some sort of pipe in the back mountain.”


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