Red high heels

A young man was out drinking with his university friends one night. The liquor was flowing and before they knew it, it was late. It was time to go home, and one of his friends who lived in the same area had come by bike, so he was able to get a lift home.

They lived out in the countryside, and there were no streetlights. They had to pass over a single mountain to get home, and on top of that, it started raining.

It became difficult to see ahead, and if he didn’t hold onto his friend tightly, he would fall off the bike. Just at that moment, the railway crossing gate in front of them started to lower, and his friend stopped the bike.

‘Finally, a break,’ the young man thought, when he heard a noise coming from behind them. Kotsu. Kotsu. It was the sound of heels. Finding it strange that a person would be walking around at that time of night, the young man turned around and looked over his shoulder. There was a woman in red high heels standing behind them.

He thought it was a little careless for a woman to be out so late, but then the train passed and the gates lifted. His friend took off immediately at full speed.

“Shit! What are you doing?” But even as he complained, his friend continued to ride at full speed. He didn’t stop until they reached the young man’s house.

“What the hell were you doing, riding like that! It was dangerous!” he said.

“You didn’t see the woman standing on the road?” his friend said.

“Oh, yeah. A woman being out that late sure is dangerous, right?”

“No, you idiot. I saw her in the side mirror. That woman wearing the red high heels, there was nothing left of her but the lower half of her torso.”

After that, the two young men fell silent.


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