Night watchman

A freelance writer heard about an abandoned factory that was supposedly haunted, so he went to stay the night for research. He arrived as night fell, and the place did indeed give off a haunted air. But there was a middle-aged guard at the gate… Why would an abandoned factory need a night guard? There had to be something inside, he thought.“I’d like to stay the night for research.”“Research? What are you on about? Somebody died in there. Don’t be stupid.”“You don’t understand, this is for my job, and I’d really like to stay the night…”“If you wanna talk about jobs, it’s my job to stop people from going inside. Give up and go home.”“No, but…”“It doesn’t matter what you say. The answer is no. If you go inside, you’ll be cursed!”The writer got chills down his spine at the word ‘cursed.’ But he was a professional. He pretended to go home and then climbed over the fence where the night watchman couldn’t see him. He went inside.He entered through a storehouse, but something felt strange. Why was there a picture hanging on the wall in a storehouse? It looked like a portrait, but it was dark so he couldn’t see very well. ‘I’ll check in the morning,’ he thought, but then he heard footsteps. Thinking it was the night watchman, he hid behind a desk inside the room.Perhaps the guard found something suspicious, but he circled the area several times before finally leaving. Relieved, the writer stepped out from the desk and saw something moving above his head.“!!!!!!” Thinking it was actually a ghost, he soon realised it was a rope hanging from a beam above him. The man sat down and pulled out some liquor he brought with him, feeling somewhat let down. He continued his research throughout the night, and as the sun came up in the morning, he went to check the picture on the wall. There was a small plate beneath it.“XXXXXX Corporation Fourth Company President XXXXX.”That wasn’t a ghost. He was frightened over nothing, and found nothing for his research. He was about to leave when he remembered what the night watchman told him the night before. “Somebody died in there.” He thought he should at least ask the morning guard about it, and returned the way he entered. He went back to the guard waiting by the front gate.“Excuse me. I’m from XXX magazine. I heard that somebody died inside this building and that their ghost still haunts the area. If at all possible, I’d like to go inside to gather some information, if that’s okay with you?”“Ah, you’re writing about that? … Well, sure. That was my colleague. He loved his family and had a very strong sense of responsibility. On the day his first grandchild was born he left the factory for just 30 minutes to go and see him at the hospital. In those 30 minutes, the factory was robbed. Some expensive rare metals or something. They took everything. The company had to lay all their workers off, and one guy committed suicide with his entire family. My colleague really took that to heart, and in the end he hung himself. You can’t see it from here, but there’s a storehouse back there. He threw a rope over one of the beams, and… Hang on, where did you hear this story anyway?”“… From the night watchman.”“Huh? But, we don’t have a night watchman…” 

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