Grave mountain

My friend was a junior high teacher. She started work at a newly built school, but there were no apartments in the area, so the school principal let her stay in a place he owned. It was a small one-story house, and even during the middle of the day it was gloomy.

The house sat beneath a cliff, so there was little sunshine. When she first moved in she used to open the window, but she started to feel like someone was watching her, so she ended up keeping the curtains closed.

At night when she slept, she constantly dreamt of lines of faces all pressed up against the window. Thinking it strange, she asked her parents to come over and take a look at the place.

“You shouldn’t keep the curtains closed during the day!” her mother chastised her and opened them. Outside was overgrown with weeds, so she said she’d go out and do some weeding. She put on her gloves and went outside, but then she soon returned, her face pale. She recommended her daughter move right away.

Before the house was built at the bottom of the cliff, the area had been a mountain with a cemetery. Her mother found various gravestones lying in the long grass. She quickly moved away.

Now she lives in an apartment next to a temple. There’s a lot of sunshine and the view is great. She’s had no problems and no signs of any ghosts, either. But ghosts aren’t just limited to graveyards, are they…?


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