It’s not you

One night, businessman A-san was working late, so he caught a taxi home. He enjoyed some friendly conversation with the driver as they drove.

Then the taxi entered a dark mountain road. The side of the road was filled with dense forest, and there were no other cars in sight. The driver’s expression changed, and he spoke to A-san with a dark look on his face.

“Listen to me very closely. From here on out, you mustn’t look out your window. Not even once…”

A-san, confused by the driver’s sudden change, could do nothing but say, “Okay…”

The taxi drove through the dark forest, but, finding the situation strange, A-san spoke to the driver again.

“Why can’t I look outside?”

But the driver showed no reaction and said nothing. A-san grew even more fearful.


“Uuuuu~ Uuuuu~” He heard a noise outside his window. The window he’d just been told not to look out.

‘What is that?’ A-san wondered, and before he could stop himself he looked at the window. There was a man there, an angry expression suddenly taking over his features.

“It’s not you!!” he said, looking directly at A-san.

A-san had no memory of what happened after that. Apparently, a man was hit and killed on that mountain road several years earlier, and the culprit was never caught. And so the man’s ghost spent night after night checking each vehicle that drove by, looking for the man who killed him.


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