Different to the dream

Several years ago, an idol was on TV talking about an experience she once had. She had this dream where a man was chasing her like a stalker. She ran and screamed, trying to get help, but before she knew it, the man was stabbing her! She woke up to the sound of her own screams.

Then one day, she was walking by the park in her neighbourhood when, what do you know, a man who looked exactly like the one in her dreams came walking towards her. Terrified, she ran into a phone booth and called her friend.

The man passed by.

Relief flooding her chest, the woman started walking again. But as soon as she did, the man started walking towards her again! Her heart beat wildly, like a cracked bell, and she broke out into a cold sweat. Only this time, there was nowhere to run.

The man passed by her. As he did, he muttered, “The dream wasn’t the same as the story you told, was it?”


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