There was a freshly severed head

I don’t look forward whenever I open a door. Or rather, I can’t, because of something I experienced when I was younger.

It was during the Obon holidays, and we were about to go outside to play with fireworks. Excited, I ran to the door first and flung it open. A few metres ahead of me I saw a severed head floating in the air. I couldn’t move.

It was an old lady, completely ashen grey. She stared at me, no expression on her face whatsoever. But she was slowly getting closer.

I was so scared that I was frozen on the spot. Then I heard my mother scream behind me, but the head continued to look only at me. My mother slammed the door shut while screaming at it.

The fireworks were cancelled, and I remember my father attempting to console both my crying mother and myself about it. According to my mother, the severed head was that of an old lady who died several years earlier. She was disliked by the community because of how strange she was.

As for why she screamed while shutting the door, apparently my mother had trouble with that old lady when she was younger. When I was just a baby and she was pushing me around town in a pram, the old woman called out to her. She wanted to see the baby. But then she slapped me and started pulling me out. She started screaming that I would bring bad luck and tried to snatch me away.

Apparently, the same thing happened several times after that, whenever my mother ran into her in town. So, my mother thought that when we saw her during Obon that time, that she was there to take me away, and so she screamed at her.

I haven’t seen the severed head since then. But, every now and then I feel like I get a glimpse of it out the corner of my eye. Especially when I’m opening the door…

Not only that, there are times where I feel like I really do bring about bad luck to those around me.


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