Stone bridge of R village

There’s a small village called R village about a 20 minute car drive from where I live. It’s rather old and the buildings that were built by the original settlers are still standing for the most part. Things like the church and the old stone bridge are still the original buildings. It’s a place full of history.

But these things weren’t built by the settlers themselves, but by those who committed crimes and were in prison, so-called “sinners.” As such, the work conditions were horrendous, and the supervisors (mostly military men) treated the men cruelly.

Of course the stone bridge to R village was also built by these criminals, and there’s a story to go with it.

“On rainy days you must do your best not to cross the stone bridge. If you must cross it, do not stop. Even if you feel like you see someone, do not look at them. If you look at them and your eyes meet, you will be washed away.”

When the bridge was still being built, the criminals revolted against their cruel supervisor and, one rainy day, overthrew him and tossed him into the river where he then died. And so, if you try to cross that bridge on rainy days you can see his ghost standing there. If your eyes meet, he will then try to take you away.


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