The look of death

There’s a book called the “Look of Death.” Have you ever heard of it before? I’ve seen it, just once.

It’s about as thick as a dictionary and packed with photos of people’s faces before and after death. On the right-hand side is the person’s face while they were alive, and on the left is their face after death…

I don’t know how the book was made, but it’s a top secret amongst fortune tellers. If you look through its pages day after day you’ll learn how to see the ‘look of death’ on people’s faces before they die.

The person who showed it to me was my cram school teacher, about 20 years ago now. He quit working at regular schools and taught at a cram school part time for several years. Then he disappeared to Bali to learn white magic and I haven’t seen or heard of him since.

I heard this story from him… I’ll hereafter call him A.

When A was in university, he obtained the so-called “Look of Death” book and spent his time looking at it every day. He stopped going to class and threw himself into everything occult. But he liked mountain climbing, so he occasionally showed his face to the mountain climbing club he was a part of.

Then one day the club members met at the station to go climb a winter mountain. As soon as he looked at their faces, he saw the look of death for the first time. Of course, having seen them like that he did his best to stop them from climbing the mountain, but they just laughed and called him and idiot. Leaving him behind, the other four members went up the mountain.

Two or three days later A was watching TV in his dorm when he saw that the mountaineering club from his university was involved in an accident. He saw his own name included as one of the members involved. Surprised, he called the university to explain, and with the search party and a few of the former mountaineering members they set out for the base they always used on the mountain.

But the search party was put off until the following day due to bad weather, so at a loss for what to do, A went to the coffee shop he always visited after climbing the mountain. When he got there, the four members who were supposedly in the accident were inside. He was overjoyed, thinking they were safe. One of the guys put down the newspaper he was reading and said, “Hey, you look like death.”

Shocked, A ran off to the toilet and checked himself in the mirror. He couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. But when he returned, the four members were gone. He asked the manager what happened to them, surprised, but inexplicably the manager told him that A had entered the shop alone, spoke to himself for a bit and then ran off to the toilet.

He went back to the table, and the newspaper was still sitting there. He picked it up and saw the article about the mountaineering club’s accident, and there were five small photos attached. Yet on each of the photos except for his own, situated at the bottom, he saw the look of death on them all.


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