The sinister presence in the closet

This happened a while after I started my third year of university. I started living alone for the first time, and after six months passed, I was getting used to my new lifestyle, so I started to become a little careless. Which is to say, when I went out I often forgot to lock the door. There was nothing in my house to steal, and I didn’t have any money or precious items to take. Worse than that, I often left the keys in the house when I went out.

But then one day when I returned home I found the door locked. I panicked, but I made my way to the landlord’s house next door. The landlord was getting on in years, and she was very nice but a little unreliable. I told her the door was locked and asked if I could borrow the master key, but it seemed she couldn’t find it.

There were three keys to my place. I had one, the landlord had one, and then my parents. There was nothing else that I could do, so I ended up driving the one hour to my parents’ place and getting the key from them.

There were a lot of things I didn’t know, but most importantly, who locked my door? The most likely candidate was myself, but when I was returning home, the key was inside the room. Which meant that while the door was locked, my key was in there the whole time. I asked the landlord, but she swore she didn’t lock it. If so, another possibility arose. Something so scary I didn’t even want to think about it. That someone else besides me was in my apartment. My apartment was really small and the only places a person could hide were the bathtub and closet. Sensing something weird in the closet, I nervously opened it.

Someone was there.

There was no way it could actually be true, I thought, but someone really was in there.

“Aaaaaahhh!!” I screamed pitifully, surprised. It was a girl around my age. For a moment we were both silent, and as I slowly calmed down I put some distance between us. I came to understand what was going on. I knew this girl. She confessed her love to me six months earlier. I had absolutely no idea who she was beforehand, so thinking it strange I gently turned her down. Yet even so, she confessed her love to me several times after that. She just wasn’t my type at all, so I started to ignore her, and then after that I stopped seeing her, so I thought she gave up.

The girl was silent the entire time. She looked down at the ground, never once smiling. I felt bad for her, but I called the police all the same. She didn’t even look at me as the police took her away. It was late at night so the police told me to get some rest, and I was finally alone in my apartment again. I didn’t sleep a wink that night.

Starting the next day I made sure to lock the door every time I left, and I didn’t want anything more to do with what happened, so I left it to the police. I just never wanted to see that girl again.

But the very next night I sensed something in my room again. I thought that perhaps I was just hearing things because my nerves were frayed. I heard something faint. I didn’t have a TV or anything with speakers either. I thought that perhaps it was coming from the apartment next to me and put my ear to the wall, but it wasn’t that. It was coming from inside the room. Gradually, I came to understand that it was a person’s voice.

It was that girl’s voice. After hearing it for more than an hour I realised that I wasn’t just imagining it. That girl’s voice was whispering from somewhere in the room. The fear I previously felt returned to me. I could no longer stay calm and I didn’t have the strength to open the closet.

I ran out of my apartment and called one of my friends who lived nearby. I explained what happened, and he came to see me. He said we could open the closet together. She might be holding a knife or something, so we needed to be extremely careful. Those words alone gave me hope that he could help.

We went back inside my apartment together. I could still hear the girl’s faint voice. My friend heard it too. He turned to the closet and screamed as loud as he could.

“Hey you!!!!! Get out here!!!!”

There was no response. But again we heard the whispering of a woman’s voice.

“I’m coming in!!”

Worked up, my friend flung open the closet door. I took a step back… but no-one was there. There was a voice but no person with it. My friend and I looked at each other and both turned pale. We could still hear the voice. It was a little louder than before. It was close, but the closet was nothing but darkness. But then my friend found something, hidden amongst my clothes in the bottom.

It was a voice recorder.

That was the origin of the voice. It wasn’t a ghost or thankfully even a real person, but I couldn’t bear it any longer. I put the recorder next to my ear and finally I could hear what it was saying. I threw up.

“I love you OO (my name). OO’s come back. Find me. I want to stay with you forever. OO, OO…”

It looped on repeat, over and over and over.


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