Late nights before the cultural festival

I was a member of the student council, so in the days leading up to the cultural festival we were stuck at school until late in the evening. It took me about an hour to get to school by train, and on this day I finally got on the train to go home around 8 pm. The trains were usually empty, being way out in the countryside, and that was, of course, no different at 8 pm.

I was the only person on board.

I was rather tired, so at some point I fell asleep. I woke up about 30 minutes later (judging from the announcement of the next station) and someone was sitting next to me, sleeping on my shoulder.

‘What the hell?’ I thought.

The train was empty, as usual, so I couldn’t understand why this person would go to all the trouble of sitting directly beside me. I glanced down and saw it was a young woman, she looked like an office lady. Being a high school boy I decided to let her sleep there a while longer.

‘I wonder what type of person she is? Is she cute?’ Questions ran through my mind as I waited for the train to approach the nearby tunnel. In the darkness I would be able to see her in the reflection of the window glass, you see.

We finally reached the tunnel.

Her eyes were unnaturally wide open as she grinned at me, reflected in the window glass in the darkness.


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