The music room

The elementary school I went to kept its main gate open all the time, even during the holidays and at night. Of course, the science room and other places with expensive things were locked, but other than that we were free to come and go as we pleased. This was a while ago, so I don’t know if it’s the same now.

So during the summer holidays one time we started talking about going to do a test of courage. The four of us would walk around places we thought ghosts might be hiding, and if we found one we’d take a picture to show off to everyone.

The four of us went to the school at night, although it wasn’t too late, being that we were children and all. I don’t remember the exact details, but we walked around the nurse’s room, the science room etc and peeked through the windows. The last place we ended up in was the music room, located in the corner of the third floor.

The door should have been locked, of course, so we peeked in through the window. Up until that point nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, so we were about to give up, and my friend with the camera had already turned it off. But as we looked through the window, the door that should have been locked opened. It was a sliding door, so you can only open it by putting some strength behind it.

Thanks to that, we went inside. What happened after, I remember very clearly.

The piano didn’t start playing, and there was no music teacher’s ghost haunting the room. We decided to go home, but then someone said, “Bach’s eyes are glowing.”

I thought it was a joke, so I turned around. They really were glowing. It was Beethoven, not Bach, but the eyes were most definitely glowing red. Everyone else saw it as well, so we ran from the room as fast as we could. Nobody got lost on the way home, we all made it back safely.

The next day, the four of us went back during lunchtime. It turned out there was a mirror on the opposite side of the wall with the pictures of Beethoven and the other musicians. There weren’t any marks on Beethoven’s portrait, so we all agreed it had to be the moonlight reflecting off it or something. But every time I went back to the music room after that, I became more and more dubious.

Supposing the mirror did reflect the moonlight, there’s no reason that the reflection would produce a red light. There was nothing in the room that would reflect red, either. Not only that, the more I thought about it, the more I realised the Beethoven portrait we saw that night had a different pose to usual.

I could have sworn his hand was different, pointing towards us…

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