My unbelievable real estate experience

I’m just a regular businessman who works for a real estate agency in Kanto. Every now and then we come across properties that have been involved in murder, hangings, and even self-immolation, but we still have to try and sell them.

As a company we don’t like to deal with such properties, and if you include those owned by senile old folk as well there are quite a few. But what can you do?

I’m used to them all at this point, but there’s just one property that I find terrifying.

It was a property brought to us by a proprietary company, a lot close to the station with a dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms for 24,000 yen. Of course it was one of those so-called trouble properties. This one was apparently a murder.

I brought a rookie along with me to take photos of the inside for the advertisement. We went to pick up the key and ask about the details of the place. To make a long story short, apparently it was the site of necrophilia.

We arrived at the location and started taking pictures. There were so many orbs. We took so many photos and they were everywhere; it was like an uphill battle. Usually we could finish in 5 or 10 minutes, but not this time.

I order to show off the size of the room I had the rookie open the closet doors. When he did a shudder ran through me.

A person slowly stepped out. It was a woman in a white one piece dress, but she was unbelievably huge, over 2 metres tall. Her head nearly touched the roof. The moment she stepped out there was this awful smell. What was it? Like something rotting.

The rookie fell over and let out a scream. So, he could see it, too. I was terrified so my memory of what happened next is vague, but the last thing I saw was the woman looking down at him with this smile on her face before she laughed. The laugh reverberated deep within me. I broke out in goosebumps all over my body and in a fit of fear I passed out.

When I came back to my phone was ringing. It was my boss. We had been gone for three hours and hadn’t returned so he was worried.

I tried to explain to him in a panic what happened but he didn’t believe me. I hung up and went to look for the rookie. I found him sitting alone in the closet. He said he saw a man covered in blood (he was normal sized) holding a crow bar. He passed out and then I woke him up. But, I saw a woman. ???

I had no idea what was going on. The rookie was so out of it he was of no use either, so we went back to the company and asked for the rest of the day off. The next day he was absent from work, and then we never saw him again. When we called his family to find out what was going on, they said he refused to come out of his room anymore. There was nothing we could do. He was fired.

I moved from the leasing department to sales. I hope I never have another experience like that ever again. I wonder if that guy is doing okay now?


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