Mary-san & Satoru-kun

There’s a story that warns if your phone suddenly rings and you answer it, you’ll hear a voice coming from the other end. “This is Mary-san. Right now I’m in…” When you hang up, the phone rings again right away.

“This is Mary-san. Right now I’m in… (a location closer than the last one)”

Then, finally, you get another call. “This is Mary-san. Right now I’m in front of your house.”

You run to the front door and open it, but no-one is there.

Thinking that it’s just someone playing a trick, the phone rings once more. “This is Mary-san. Right now I’m behind you.”

Another story tells of Satoru-kun. You put a 10 yen coin into a public phone and call your own cell. When you get through, you face the receiver of the public phone towards your cell and say, “Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun, please come here.”

Then sometime within the next 24 hours you will receive a call to your cell. When you answer it, Satoru-kun will tell you where he is.

These phone calls will continue with Satoru-kun getting closer each time, until finally he is right behind you. Once this happens Satoru-kun will answer any question you have for him.

However, if you turn around or don’t ask him a question, then Satoru-kun will spirit you off somewhere instead.

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