My father’s first wife was crazy

My father has been married once before. His first wife was apparently one of those so-called ‘madmen’ and they lived a wretched life together. Everyone around him objected to the marriage, but that just made him even more stubborn, and so he married her.

Then, not even one year later, the stress go so bad that my father’s health started to decline, and his (now former) wife asked him, “Is it perhaps because of me?” (she said like she wanted him to disagree with her). He replied, “Yeah, I think it is,” and they got divorced.

Incredibly, his health got better and he went about his daily life feeling like a new man. However, one day he was suddenly woken up during the middle of the night. When he looked up at the roof, two faces appeared in it. The face of his ex-wife and the face of his ex-mother-in-law.

He was petrified and shuddered at the thought of what type of people he’d gotten involved with. Right in front of him was a living, vengeful spirit.

Apparently the faces just stared at him, they didn’t do anything, but he could feel this desire coming off them, like they were saying, “Come back, come back.” After being troubled by them for a while my father’s little brother introduced him to an exorcist who cleared up the problem, but he was terrified of everything that had happened.

Incidentally, just before my father got married he had another ghostly experience.

He was returning home late from work one night along an empty mountain road (it was paved so it wasn’t like it was in the middle of nowhere, but it was dark at night and scary). When he looked to the side he saw a woman pressed up against the car window with a dreadful expression on her face.

Of course he screamed and sped off, refusing to look to the side again. A short while later, thinking she might finally be gone, he glanced over but she was still there.

“Aahhhh!!!” he screamed and sped up even faster. But then suddenly he slammed on the brakes and the car stopped. At that very moment a large truck passed by right in front of him. Without even noticing, in his panicked state he’d entered an intersection. If he’d been just a little slower it would have been a huge accident.

At the time he thought the ghost on his window was dangerous, but thinking back on it now, my father thought that it was perhaps an omen of his upcoming marriage. It might also have been a coincidence, but he was saved right before he had a terrible accident.

It’s possible she wasn’t an evil ghost.

So, having had those experiences my father isn’t scared of much these days. He can watch horror movies and ghost films and such and laugh and be like, “How fake.”

I wish he’d give some of that bravery to me.

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