Strange happening at the Izu hotel

It’s a little sudden but perhaps because I’m so fat I apparently snore very loudly.

A few days ago I went on a company trip to a hot spring in Izu, and when I woke up during the night I noticed there was no-one in the hotel room with me. It appeared the weaklings staying in the room with me couldn’t stand my snoring so they escaped to another room. Ah, whatever. Well, might as well go take a piss~ I went to go to the toilet but there were no lights!

(I realised later that if the key isn’t placed in the room then the lights don’t turn on, so when my junior colleagues left they took the key with them.)

It was a little scary so I left the door open a little and decided to, despite being a mature-aged man, sit on the toilet to do my business… shortly thereafter I heard a sound coming from the room.

*hitahita hitahita*

It sounded like someone walking around barefoot! ‘So that’s how it is. This is payback for my snoring, they’re trying to get back at me by scaring me!’ I thought.

“But I’m still the senior here. I’m smarter and more cunning than any of you! I’ll turn the table on you bastards.”

Grinning to myself I stepped outside of the room so quietly as to not make a sound. I took the emergency exit out to the centre garden and snuck back around.

I was staying in a room in the corner of the first floor. I could easily reach the room from the outside from the emergency exit. I approached the window so my juniors wouldn’t notice me and peeked into the room.

I could see a figure standing in the middle of the dark room. I took a deep breathe and with all my might screamed and started banging on the window.


The figure noticed me and with incredible force shifted sideways towards me.

“Huh… they’re not scared? … wait that’s not even my colleagues!? Aahh!!”

… looking closer I saw it was a middle aged woman in old fashioned Japanese clothes holding a tray. While looking at the ground she kept coming towards me!

“Shit! That’s not a person!”

Petrified I took off running with my bare feet. While running I looked back and she was chasing me while swinging the tray!!

After that I just kept running as fast as I could and woke up some of my other colleagues to let me into their room. For a while we could hear the clattering of the tray coming and going in front of the door, but finally it all fell silent.

The next morning I spoke to my junior colleagues about what happened. They said,

“It had nothing to do with your snoring. While you were sleeping there was a woman standing over you constantly looking at you. We were scared so we ran.”


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