Dark school building

I was taking a mock science test for my high school entrance exams and was one of the last people left, so when it came time to go home it was pitch black outside.

The inside of the school was even darker than it was outside.

Despite that the thoughtless teacher didn’t even leave the lights on in the hallway for us. We had to grope around in the darkness until we found the entrance.

The hallway was pitch black, so dark we had to go down the stairs shuffling our feet along.
The only light that was on was at the entrance, and it was there that I realised my friend who left the classroom with me wasn’t there.

I called her name and finally she appeared.
When I asked her what she was doing she said she as fixing her hair in a mirror she found in the hall.

To be honest I was so scared that I was kinda annoyed with her.
It was no time to be messing around and fixing your hair.



If it was so dark that they had to shuffle their feet just to get down the stairs, how was she fixing her hair? Was the person that appeared really her friend?


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