Hanako-san took B-kun away

This is a true story that happened when I was in the second grade of elementary school.

At the time scary stories like Hanako-san in the toilet and Kokkuri-san were really popular. Like many others, our school also had rumours that someone (or something) would appear in the toilets.

According to the rumours, you had to go into the female toilets next to the incinerator alone at 5pm, knock three times on the first door and say, “Hanako-san, let’s play!” If there was no response you had to go to the second door and repeat, then the third door, and then when you reached the fourth door, knocked three times and said “Hanako-san, let’s play!” the reply would come, “Oookay.”

That was the end of the story, what happened after you opened the door, nobody knew.

In our group of friends there were four of us. I’ll refer to them as myself, B-kun, C-kun and D-san. We often played Kokkuri-san together and went to the temple near the school every day.

To play Hanako-san however you had to play it alone, so the four of us weren’t very interested. However one day during lunch B-kun said he wanted to check and see if the rumours were true.

We had tried several things together but had yet to experience the thing we wanted most of all; a ghost experience.

I personally was okay with it, but C-kun and D-san were dead set against it. After some careful deliberations however it was decided that B-kun would be the one to try it. He would do so after school the very next day.

We didn’t want to hang around at school until 5pm so we said we’d go and play in the nearby park while we waited for B-kun.

School ended and we wished B-kun good luck and went to the park. As 5pm rolled around we all got excited because B-kun should be coming back any minute now.

5.30 came and he still hadn’t returned. Then 6.30 and still no sign of him.

We all needed to go home soon so we figured that perhaps B-kun had gotten scared and ran home himself, so we’d just ask him about it at school the next day.

The next day we learned that B-kun was dead.

It seemed like he’d died a violent death inside the rumoured fourth toilet.

We stopped hanging out after that and fifteen years have since passed. If I ever run into C-kun and D-san again I’d like to speak to them in more detail about that day, however.


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