The old lady and her cat

No. 897: Date: 2008/11/09(Sun) 19:09:15
In my room it’s not uncommon for me to hear the house making noises or even succumb to sleep paralysis.

The other day, right as I was about to fall asleep I was again overcome with sleep paralysis. It happens often so I wasn’t too concerned and just tried to go to sleep, but this time was different.

I felt something on top of me. It was the first time I’d ever felt this so I was terrified.

I said a prayer in my mind but it didn’t work. Nervously I opened my eyes and when I looked to the side I saw an old woman peering over at me.

It wasn’t my grandmother, it was some stranger. “Ah!” I thought and as I tried to close my eyes she picked something up off me and held it in her arms so I could see.

It was a cat. She smiled, like ‘Isn’t it cute? This cat’s cute, isn’t it? It’s so cute.’

The cat jumped from her arms and went through the wall. The old lady ran after it at full speed and collided with the wall. She stumbled towards the door and left normally instead…

Of course the cat was cute, but what did it have to do with me? Yeah it was cute, but… its cry was so cute too.

Then the ‘dan’ sound the old lady made as she ran into the wall, it sounded exactly like the usual rattling of the house. Did she live here too?


No. 898: Date: 2008/11/09(Sun) 19:34:18
You mean the old lady’s constantly running around hitting walls?

Maybe she came to introduce you to the new cat she just got. If you weren’t subject to sleep paralysis at the time it would be kind of heartwarming… haha.


No. 904: Date: 2008/11/10(Mon) 15:12:27
How interesting, haha.
Maybe she’ll come and show you again sometime.


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