Someone was in the dark bedroom

At 8pm every night our cat sits on the second floor and calls out to us.

When he called out again last week I replied, “Yeees, what is it?” and went upstairs to take a look. The bedroom was dark, but someone was in there with my cat.

It was an old man. His eyes were open wide and teeth bared. He had a square face and side part in his hair, and his head and tilted slightly as he looked at me.

I ran down the stairs screaming to my husband.

“Police! Call the police! Someone’s upstairs!”

He quickly called them and we grabbed a bat and waited outside, thinking it too dangerous to deal with him directly. However no-one came out.

When the police arrived there was no-one inside either.

The police searched all over. In the closets and under the bed. We could see all the windows and exits and no-one came out so they decided I must have just mistaken things and that was that.

But I really did see someone. I don’t know whether it was a hallucination or not but I was shocked and embarrassed so I felt bad. I apologised to the police.

The next day at 8pm the cat started meowing again. This time my husband went up with a bat, just in case, and apparently he was there again. The same person I saw the day before.

“Oi you!!” he screamed. I ran upstairs with my chopping board but my husband was just sitting on the floor. No-one was there.

According to my husband he was standing there, baring his teeth with his head tilted slightly, and this “katatatatatata” sound started coming out of his mouth. He ran at my husband but then suddenly disappeared right before his eyes.

This week we’ll be staying at my parents’ house with the cat.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to visit a shrine.

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