Hotaka Shrine

Location: Azumachokusagi, Midori, Gunma Prefecture 376-0302, Japan

This shrine is commonly known as the ‘cursed abandoned shrine’ and is one of the more famous ghost spots in Gunma prefecture. There’s a story of a couple who went to the shrine as part of a test of courage. They filmed some video and saw what appeared to be an old woman in it. On their way home they mysteriously died in a traffic accident. Rumour has it the old woman died on that same road. At other times drums can be heard playing even though no-one is around.

The shrine was featured in one of the “Honto ni atta Noroi no Video” (Real Cursed Videos) series and has been featured on various TV shows such as “Sekai no Kowai Yoru” (Scary Nights from Around the World) as well. Nobody knows exactly when or why it was built, or when it was abandoned and for what reason. This lack of solid information about the shrine has helped even more rumours grow about it and help it become a popular spot for ghost hunters.

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