Kamome Manor

Location: Prefectural Road 29, Taishacho Hinomisaki, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture 699-0763, Japan

There are various rumours about what this building used to be. It was a hospital, a hotel, an old peoples’ home, it was actually a secret location where sinister human experimentation took place. In reality it was once a sanatorium. These days it’s a famous ghost spot where a lot of ghost photography has been taken.

It’s said that those who visit Kamome Manor either die or face serious injury upon their return home. Even the famous psychic Gibo Aiko once attempted to perform an exorcism here and quit half way through because there were simply ‘too many ghosts.’ One month later she passed away.

It’s said the most dangerous location is the basement. There’s also a room with a so-called ‘forbidden door’ that one must never enter. It’s located in the back of the building and usually isn’t open but there have been cases of it being found ajar. People who enter that room have been hospitalised with a high fever and pneumonia. Supposedly those who succumb to the fever have nightmarish dreams of a young child screaming.

There are rumours that Kamome Manor was also an isolation ward for those with hepatitis and tuberculosis. However, perhaps they weren’t just rumours.

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