Hide and seek started out fun after school

This happened when I was in the second grade of high school.

I wasn’t in any school clubs at the time so after school I’d always hang out with five of my good friends.

That day it was raining so the students who didn’t have club activities left school quickly, but we were having a good time so we decided to play hide and seek in the school.

I-kun lost janken (rock, scissors, paper) and became the oni, so everyone went their separate ways and hid throughout the school.

I’m a coward and didn’t want to hide alone in some dark place in the school so I figured I’d go look for my friend A-chan and hide together with her.

I pulled out my phone and asked her where she was.

“I’m hiding in 2-C.”

I quickly went to 2-C and in the corner of the pitch black classroom A-chan was hiding.

It was also dark outside and we couldn’t see each other very well. We whispered to each other while we hid.

Me: “Hide and seek is fun.”

A: “Yeah.”

Me: “But it’s a little scary.”

A: “Yeah.”

Me: “… like a ghost might appear or something.”

A: “(whispered something I couldn’t hear)”

Although it was dark and I couldn’t see very well A-chan was silent after that and kept looking in my direction.

Then suddenly the door burst open and I-kun entered the room.

I: “Ah, found two of you! Who is it?”

A: “No way~ Two people hiding in a dark classroom together is scandalous~” (laughs)

… ???

For a moment I had no idea what was going on.

A-chan, who was supposed to be hiding right beside me, was standing behind I-kun.

I trembled, my heart beating with amazing speed.

A: “I’m gonna turn the lights on okay~”

The classroom lit up in an instant.

When I looked sideways there was nobody there.

I was relieved when suddenly I heard from right behind me,

“I’m right here.”

I was so scared I flew out of the classroom.

I told the other four what happened.

Turned out that when I called A-chan she’d already been found.

The sound of my phone call was all broken up and and my voice fuzzy.

However over the top of my voice she heard a clear voice,

“Let me play too.”

It was the scariest experience of my life.

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