Disappearing classmate

I heard this story from Saki-chan, who transferred to our elementary school in the third grade.

When she was still in the first grade she had a good friend named Yuki-chan.

One day Yuki-chan forgot her homework at school.

It was nighttime when she realised.

She was too scared to go and get it alone so Saki-chan ended up going with her.

When they reached the school Yuki-chan went into the classroom to retrieve her homework and Saki-chan waited for her outside.

However, minutes passed and Yuki-chan didn’t return.

The classroom door was closed and when it opened it made a sound so there was no way she could have left without Saki-chan realising it.

The classroom didn’t have a veranda and all the windows were closed.

Scared, Saki-chan ran home.

The next day when she went to school Yuki-chan’s desk was gone.

She asked the teacher about Yuki-chan but she just said, “There’s no-one by that name here.”

She asked her classmates and got the same answer.

But Saki-chan refused to believe it, and on her way home she stopped by Yuki-chan’s house. It was an empty lot.

Saki-chan’s story ended there.

The day after I heard this story Saki-chan suddenly disappeared.

I didn’t hear anything about her transferring schools.

When I asked the teacher about it she just said, “There’s no-one by that name here.”

“It’s the same as Saki-chan’s story!” I thought, so I asked the other kids who listened to her story about her.

One of them remembered her, but the other kids said they didn’t know who she was.

It’s not so scary now, but at the time it really was.

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