Yui Grand Hotel


Location:  258 Yui, Togane-shi, Chiba-ken 283-0804

There’s a sign out front that says “Katsugyo” and so it came to be called “Hotel Katsugyo.” The hotel was formerly a restaurant with live fish tanks (katsugyo) hence the sign and later name. Due to its location deep in the woods it wasn’t very profitable and was eventually turned into a love hotel.

It’s said that a young couple who was staying here got into a fight which ended in the woman being stabbed to death.
Furthermore, in another room someone burned themselves to death. Beginning with these incidents more and more people began to commit suicide and strange things continued happening.

Then something even more tragic happened.
On December 22nd, 2004 a female high school student was abducted by five males and brought to this hotel. It’s believed it was a robbery attempt but she accidentally saw the boys’ faces. She was strangled to death with a power cord. It’s said that her corpse was stored in a large refrigerator on-site.
The perpetrators were caught but her grudge continues on, and supposedly her ghost continues to loiter around the hotel to this day.

The hotel was featured on the October 10th, 2014 episode of “Sekai no Kowai Yoru Manatsu ni Fueru Zekkyo SP.”


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