Strange happening at the abandoned hospital

I like abandoned buildings and often go looking for them in my free time.

I had a few days off so I thought I’d go stay overnight in one of these buildings, so I got my camping gear and sake and went to an abandoned hospital for the night.

I arrived around 3 in the afternoon, the sun still high in the sky.

After looking around inside for a bit I heard the voices of some children, like they were breaking things.

I figured some of the local brats thought this would be a good area to go crazy in.

It isn’t just the passing of time that breaks down old buildings. I wholeheartedly believed that kids and delinquents acting violently also contribute.

I put some distance between myself and the voices, entering one of the hospital rooms and getting my sake out to start drinking.

As the sun went down it seemed like the kids went home, so I grabbed my lantern and went for a walk around the place.

After walking for a few hours I was hungry so I went back to my room and got the rice ball I bought from the convenience store, drank some more shochu, got in my sleeping bag and went to sleep.

As the night went on the cold woke me up.

The sake had completely worn off and I was freezing.

I needed to pee so I left the hospital to go do my business.

On the way back I heard laughter.

It was a child’s voice.

At the same time the sound of something breaking reverberated throughout the hospital.

It was the same sound I’d heard in the afternoon.

I started sweating even though I was cold and quickly returned to my room.

The sound of laughter and things breaking continued incessantly, and it sounded like it was getting closer to my room.

Wide awake, I gathered my things and held my breath while I listened.

Before long the sounds were coming from the next room.

The crazed laugh of a child soon changed into screaming.

If it were a normal person the sound would have destroyed their throat, it was like someone being tortured. The scream shook me to my core.

Each time something banged on the concrete walls it reverberated within me.

I had no more time to wait, with just the lantern in hand I took off from the room, not bothering to check if the coast was clear or not.

As I put some distance between myself and the hospital I turned around.

I saw what looked like my stuff being tossed out the window.

I couldn’t see anything in the darkness, but there was no doubt that “something” was in there.

After that I never went to abandoned buildings during the night again.

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