The young man’s back

This happened to me just yesterday so please listen.

My father died the other day and passed on his house to me, but while the location wasn’t bad it was kinda old and too big, so after discussing it with my wife we decided to sell it.
Luckily, while we were taking care of my father’s effects we found some real estate advertisements and business cards, so we called them and decided on four companies to come and take a look at the house for us.

It was the third of those companies.
A stylish, modern looking young man around 30 came to assess the house.
He spoke clearly and seemed nice.
But his assessment value was 10 000 000 yen higher than the previous two companies.

Both myself and my wife had pretty much decided and were about to tell him when he asked if he could take a photo of each room of the house. I agreed and accompanied him, telling him about each room as we went.

I opened the door to the small room next to the family altar and the moment the young man entered I was suddenly struck frozen with my hand still on the door.

I’ve experienced this type of paralysis several times before, but this was the first time it happened so suddenly and while I was standing on my feet. For a moment I was worried it was a serious illness and began to panic when I heard a woman’s voice right next to my ear.
The voice was mumbling and extraordinarily difficult to hear, but it sounded like she was saying “It hurts.”

It seemed like I could just barely move my eyes but if I looked at her it might be dangerous so I looked away into the room, and when I did I saw a woman with brown curly hair and heavy black clothes attached to the young man’s back.

That was scary enough, but her neck was long (about 40cm) and though her back was toward me her head was facing me and her eyes were rolling about like a chameleon.

It all felt so unreal, rather than looking at it with fear I was more dumbfounded, but as soon as the young man turned around she disappeared and I regained feeling again.
Of course I didn’t tell him what happened, and said I wasn’t feeling so well and excused myself.

Afterwards I investigated the company the young man worked for and when I did… it was full of bad reviews, “Something’s there! Something’s there!”
Of course this morning I called and politely declined their offer.

When the young man turned around, I clearly heard a voice say “Suffer!” Perhaps that young man or even his company has perpetrated a lot of accidents.
Thinking about it until now I haven’t had a wink of sleep, so after I get this down I’m gonna take some sleeping pills and go to bed.

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