Can you tell me how to get to…

“Can you give me some directions?”
It was nighttime and I was in an alley when a tall woman asked me this.
Her legs were so thin that she could barely keep balanced, swaying to and fro.
Her arms were no different, as thin as tree branches, and she was holding a red handbag.

Whether she was sighing or breathing I couldn’t tell. Over and over she kept breathing out, “haa, haa.” Even though she had asked me a question, she was looking everywhere but at me.
“Uh… where to…?”
She seemed dangerous.

I figured I’d quickly answer her and leave.
“Kasugayacho 1-19-4-201”
That was my address.

It was correct right down to my room number.
“I… I don’t know.”
I answered, really not wanting to get tangled up in anything.
Without enough force that it seemed like she would break her hip she bent over and bowed to me, then floated off somewhere down the alley and disappeared.

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